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Voter Registration


Permanent Absentee Mail Ballot Application

Complete the voter registration portion of the form if registering to vote for the first time or if you have changed your address or changed your name.
Find out how to register here.

This form may also be used to sign up to become a permanent "vote by mail" voter.

An absentee mail ballot will be mailed each election for as long as you continue to vote by mail and if your address information is kept updated with our office
Absentee mail voters that update their voter registration address should also update their ballot delivery address. Changes to ballot delivery addresses are not automatically made.

Absentee Voting




"One time request"

Absentee Mail Ballot Application Form

Use this form if you will need an absentee ballot for only the 2014 elections.

If you cannot vote at your polling place for any reason, or you will be absent from the State of Hawaii on election day, you may vote using an absentee ballot.


What's New

Primary Election voter registration deadline - July 10, 2014

General Election voter registration deadline - October 6, 2014.

Voter Postcards to be Mailed in April

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The "yellow voter postcard" will be mailed to Oahu voters throughout the month of April. Permanent Absentee (Vote by mail) voters will receive postcards first, followed by polling place voters over the remaining three weeks.

If you do not receive a postcard, register or re-register to vote. Each election, thousands of postcards are returned undeliverable due to voter address changes.

Become a Candidate

Candidate filing for the 2014 elections starts on February 1, 2014. Information may be found under the "Election Info" tab above.

The Office of the City Clerk issues nomination papers and accepts candidate filings only for City elective offices.

Please contact the State of Hawaii Office of Elections for information on candidacy for Federal and State contests.


2011 Council Reapportionment Commission information including maps and the final plan may be found here.

Translated Election Information

Nihongo, Japanese Language

FAQs (Check for updates)

Q: Do I need to register to vote?

A: Yes, voter registration is required before voting. Also, re-register if you have changed your name or address.

Q: What are the qualifications for registering?

A: There are three qualifications, click the FAQ link to find out details.

Q: Where do I get birth, marriage, and death certificates?

A: Birth, marriage and death certificates are issued by the Office of Health Status Monitoring at (808) 586-4539.

Click here for all the FAQs

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